We really want you to be able to work fully and deeply with the Wildwood Tarot and we have created this image FAQ which we hope will answer your questions about using the artwork.

A single photograph of an entire spread CAN be used to accompany a Tarot reading, paid or free. However, photos of individual card images or scans of images are not permitted to be used.  All photos to be marked with copyright details.

The images are not to form part of written teaching materials without prior consent from the artist and an agreed payment would be required. This use also requires a payment to the publisher for permissions.

Card images may be used on blogs/websites as Card of the Day type images, but the image should be watermarked or overprinted with the www.thewildwoodtarot.com or ©willworthingtonart and/or publisher’s details (@welbeckpublishing)

Images may not be used on business branding (ie website headers, business cards etc) without prior consent from the artist, Will Worthington and an agreed payment would be required.

No images to be sold onwards (ie no keyrings, mugs, T-shirts)

People may use the card images as a basis for tattoos, but not as designs for tattoos for a parlour to sell-on.

If there is a usage that you require that is not covered here, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!