Do you have a query about using the cards in your Tarot work?

Please click HERE to find out what uses require further permissions.

How do I know whether I have bought a counterfeit Wildwood Tarot deck?

We made a video to help you be aware of what the fake deck looks like. You can watch the video HERE

I’d like to stock the Wildwood Tarot in my shop, in the UK.

Contact Welbeck Publishing HERE.

I’m looking for a wholesaler of the deck in the US?

Sterling have the US rights, they deal with all distribution there.

I’m looking for a wholesaler of the deck in New Zealand?

Book Reps distribute in New Zealand.

I’m looking for the new version of the deck – with the card back image?

In the UK we cannot guarantee that the deck you buy will be the original design or an updated design – there are no distinguishing features on the boxes and it retains the same ISBN number.  Although I would assume that by now, copies of the original design (V1) or subsequent Eddison Books versions (V2 and V3) are unlikely to be held in stock.

As of September 2021, The Wildshop currently has the NEWEST edition published by Welbeck, published under the OH imprint.

What’s the difference between the original deck and the later versions?

Check out what John Matthews says in the Wildblog about the new version

I’d like to use The Wildwood Tarot as my ‘Deck of the Week’ or ‘Card of the Day’ – is that alright?

Please check out our Artist Permissions page HERE.

Can you use the Wildwood Tarot for Reversals?

Yes, you can – although Mark Ryan doesn’t advoate it himself!  However, Caitlin Matthews has written some blog posts on using the Wildwood for reversals, you can read them here and here.